GIANT Aussie Traveller Map Vinyl Decal

Bonus 300pk of Destination Dots to mark your journeys.

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Width: 1.1 m

Height: 1 m

When only the biggest will suffice!

At 1 metre tall, our brand new 'GIANT"  self adhesive Vinyl map of Australia is now available For your road trip in Australia.

Bonus: 300pk of Destination Dots to mark your journeys.

This map is so big that we recommend you watch a few YouTube videos on large decal installation before attempting to fit it yourself! We'll provide links to installation videos included in the fitting instructions.

Best installed by spraying the surface it's to go on and the sticky side of the map with a soapy water solution (A few drops of dishwashing liquid in a water spray bottle.)  You will need a good quality squeegee to squeeze out any bubbles.   

Please note that all maps have a protective application tape on the front of the map which must be removed once you have fitted the map. 

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